Issue #78: All Good Things

What I love the most about “All Good Things” is the way that Emily Benz uses the setting of the family lake house to tell the story. It is a sensational backdrop, and pressed against it we can see the character of Lee more clearly, and notice all the small and subtle changes that come as she grows from a girl to a woman. I also thought it captured perfectly the chaos of being a part of a large family, as well as that intangible essence that is summer–scraping your leg on a raft, dipping your feet into a pail of water to remove the sand, the sensation of sleeping in a bunk bed, and the joy of cracking a baseball, hard and high and out of the park. There is something magic about this lake house, and by the end of the story I wanted to be there, just as much as Lee did.

3 thoughts on “Issue #78: All Good Things

  1. Hey- you’re giving away the story. You know, some of us haven’t actually received it in the mail yet.

  2. Never fear loyal reader! “All Good Things” is much more than just a setting–although setting does play a central role in the composition of the piece.

    In general you can consider all blog entries, and author interviews, to contain some manner of “spoiler”. It’s hard to talk about fiction without at least divulging some specifics!

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