Ben Miller reads for One Story

Friday, April 4th was a very special One Story reading because Ben Miller (author of One Story issue #7, The Man in Blue Green) gave every guest a special “Dronx Citizenship Kit.” The goodie bag contained a map of the Dronx (the sixth borough of New York that is the setting for Ben’s new book, Meanwhile in the Dronx…) as well as a book of fantastic drawings by Dale Williams, who illustrated Ben’s novel, and skeleton keys to the city. Dale also hung copies of his illustrations on the walls of the lounge at Pianos. The Dronx may have been invented by Ben Miller, but after hearing him read a few hilarious sections of the book, this “decrepit purgatorial refuge for citizens who have failed to succeed in the other five boroughs” (as Ben describes it) started to sound familiar. Maybe some of us have been living there along? You can listen to Ben’s excellent reading here.

The Dronx Citizenship Kit

The Dronx Flag, with motto: “If At All Possible…Please, Please Try Not to Tread on Me.”

Dronx Art by Dale Williams

Ben Miller reads Dronx tales of ice picks and tiny feet