Mohan Sikka reads for One Story

On Friday, December 7th, Mohan Sikka read from One Story issue #94, “Uncle Musto Takes a Mistress.” It was a real treat to hear Mohan read the dialogue aloud; his portrayal of the Grandma in his story was Oscar-worthy. (You can listen to it here.) Mohan’s special cocktail of choice was the Dirty Bloody Martini, a drink that prompted some skepticism from the experts behind the bar at Pianos (though they pulled it off with their usual panache–this is one of the many reasons we love Pianos!) but several fans declared it delicious. “It’s basically a bloody Mary martini,” said one, but a Dirty Bloody Martini sounds much more exciting, doesn’t it? There’s a reason that Mohan is such a good writer: he knows how powerful words can be–even when naming cocktails. 

Mohan Sikka sips his Dirty Bloody Martini