White Truffles in Winter by N.M. Kelby

N.M. Kelby, author of One Story issue #54 “Jubilation, Florida,” has just come out with a  new novel called White Truffles in Winter based on the life of renowned French chef Auguste Escoffier (1846–1935), who changed how we eat through his legendary restaurants at The Savoy and The Ritz. In the novel, Escoffier is torn between two women: the famous, beautiful, and reckless actress Sarah Bernhardt; and his wife, the independent and sublime poet Delphine Daffis who refused to ever leave Monte Carlo. Set in the last year of Escoffier’s life, in the middle of writing his memoirs, he has returned to Delphine, who requests a dish in her name as he has honored Bernhardt, Queen Victoria, and many others. The work has been called “(A book) to carry you away” by Good Housekeeping and Publisher’s Weekly says that any reader “in search of an evocative and sensual read will be well satisfied.” To find out more about this book or N.M. Kelby, be sure to visit her website, and buy a copy today!