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One Story is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) publisher, dedicated to celebrating the art form of the short story and supporting the writers who write them. Unlike many literary magazines, we have no single large donor or organization supporting our work. Instead, we rely on a large pool of readers and supporters to help us continue publishing. Please join us in publishing the magazine today. Your support is greatly needed and truly appreciated.

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Donor Levels:
Reader: $25 will keep the price of our magazine affordable
Networker: $100 will maintain our website for one month
Supporter: $200 in honor of One Story’s 200th issue
Friend: $500 will pay one author fee
Donor: $1000 will cover the cost of printing one issue of One Teen Story
Benefactor: $2500 will cover the cost of printing one issue of One Story
Other: $ (please specify amount)

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One Story Board of Directors:
  • Nicole Aragi
  • Julie Barer
  • Maribeth Batcha
  • Ruth Cohen
  • Rob Raich
  • Dani Shapiro
  • Hannah Tinti
2015 Leadership Circle
  • Emke Family Fund
  • Harper Perennnial
  • John S. Hilson Family Fund
  • Nicole Aragi
  • The Authors Guild
  • Barer Literary, LLC
  • Black Balloon Publishing
  • Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux
  • Small Beer Press
  • The Raich Family
  • William & Maria Spears
  • Sarah Burnes & The Gernert Company
  • Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Frank & Denie Weil
  • Janklow & Nesbit Associates
  • Riverhead
  • Swann Galleries
  • Jenny Lawrence
  • Lex & Helen Haris
  • BOA
  • Bob & Susan Morgenthau
  • Brooklyn Creative League
  • Kevin Reymond
  • Paragraph Writers Space
  • Paul Vidich
  • Ruth Cohen & Bob Usdin
  • Sarabande Books
Foundation Support:
  • Lily Auchincloss Foundation
  • NEA