Ann Napolitano

Online Class
Lost & Found:
A New Way of Looking at Plot
June 4th - 8th

Price: $75
Members and previous Lost & Found students*: $60

During this five-day class, Ann Napolitano, a novelist, writing teacher, and associate editor at One Story, will guide you through a four-step formula for plotting a story. Each day will contain a lesson followed by a writing exercise designed to help you feel more comfortable developing plot in your own work.

You’ll leave this class with the plot for a new story, or with the tools to sharpen the plot in an existing piece of work. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to forge relationships with like-minded writers around the country (maybe even the world) and the option to trade work with other students.

As Kurt Vonnegut says, “I guarantee you that no modern story scheme, even plotlessness, will give a reader genuine satisfaction, unless one of those old fashioned plots is smuggled in somewhere.”

Join us to get your plot in order.

About Ann Napolitano:
Ann Napolitano’s most recent novel, Dear Edward, was published by Dial Press in January 2020, and was a New York Times bestseller. She is the author of A Good Hard Look (Penguin Press, 2012) and Within Arm’s Reach (Crown, 2004). She received an MFA from New York University and has taught for Brooklyn College and NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She lives in Brooklyn. For more information please visit

When can I register for this class?
Registration is open now through June 3rd.
How does the class work?
New lessons will be posted at 1am ET. There will be discussion boards dedicated to sharing your work and discussing your process taking the class. There will also be a discussion board for talking directly to Ann.
Is participation on the discussion board required?
No, it’s optional; participants are welcome to jump into the conversation or sit back and observe.
Is there homework?
Yes. The class is built around generative writing exercises. These will not be evaluated by Ann, but participants are welcome to share their work on the discussion board if they choose to.
Will I receive feedback on my work from Ann?
No. Because of the size of the class, Ann is unable to give individualized feedback on exercises. She will be on-hand to answer any questions you have about the assignments or the writing life in general. Students are also welcome to share their work with each other.
How much time will the class take?
Plan to spend about forty-five minutes per day reviewing the lessons and completing the exercises, plus however much time you choose to spend on the discussion board.
What if I want to take the class, but the dates don’t work for me?
The class is designed for participants to proceed at their own pace, on their own schedule, so if you miss a day or three, no problem. All class materials will be accessible online until July 8th. Please note, however, that Ann will only be available during the dates of the class.
Can I take the class on my phone?
Unfortunately, no. You’ll need a tablet or a computer to access the full range of class materials.
What if I can’t wait to get started?
The discussion board will open on Monday, June 1st, three days before the class begins, so that participants can meet, mingle, and familiarize themselves with the learning platform in advance.

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